60th Glamour

If you are looking to live a dream day with a sense of old glam , choose to sail along the stunning Amalfi Coast on board a gozzo, typical wooden boat from the area. Enjoy a seaside afternoon just like Jaqueline Kennedy did on her Amalfi Coast holiday in the summer of 1962 . This special "dolcevita" program lasts for circ. 5hrs, aboard your private gozzo you'll discover how easily a secluded cove can become perfect antidote to crowded public beaches. Visit the Emerald grotto and stop for a swim in Conca dei Marini , the favorite beach of Jaqueline during her stay on the Amalfi Coast. Once in Amalfi the same little vintage car Fiat600 she used will wait for you to drive the winding, jaw-dropping roads up to Ravello. Free time to visit the town . 

Summer 1962 

 It was the legendary summer of 1962 when Jacqueline Kennedy, US's first lady, chose Ravello for her Italian holiday, wisely recommended by the American writer  Gore Vidal.During that three weeks, the Kennedys were cuddled by the ruler of Villa Episcopio, Mrs. Flora Mansi and her daughters, Margherita and Maria. During the day, they preferred to go to sea in Conca de' Marini, at the residence of the D'Urso, an italian family linked to the Agnelli. It was on that occasion, that the first meeting between Gianni Agnelli and the America's first lady, took place. He was at Jacqueline's complete disposal and accompanied her around all the Amalfi Coast. During their outings, they were often immortalized together; he in his impeccable allure, she totally invested by the Dolce Vita sharm. Jakie was thirty and beautiful. Every morning, she took the convertible Fiat 600 and went to Conca dei Marini for water-skiing, her favorite sport. On board of the legendary "Veliero Blu", moored at the docks of Amalfi or while sitting at San Domingo bar in Piazza Duomo, she was always escorted by Gianni Agnelli. The news of his continuous visits spread around the world and the American press emphasized the idea of a love story, pouring rivers of ink on the gossip pages. These were the ingredients for the scoop: the allure of both the characters, the beauty of the setting that hosted them, the taste of the summer in Ravello, glamorous and happy in those years, the glances and smiles captured by the indiscrete eye of the photographers, ecc. natural love of our area. In such a climate, her husband, the U.S. president, John Kennedy, could not stay for long without knowing. And when this story went beyond the limit of his patience, he ordered his wife to return home, "Caroline More, less Gianni", reported his brief but eloquent message to Jackie. In this way ended the first Italian trip of the first lady and with it one of the love story that excited for years the curious from all around the world. For years this story was pure rumor, until the American writer Gore Vidal in 2005, about to leave permanently Ravello, told us that there was really something more than a flirtation between Gianni Agnelli and Jacqueline Kennedy.

 Fiat 600 used by Jaqueline Kennedy during her holiday.

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