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Procida will be the Italian Capital of Culture for 2022

Minister of Culture and Heritage Dario Franceschini announced it just two weeks ago: Procida, one of the pearls of Campania, will be Italy’s Capital of Culture for the year 2022.Procida had already made the headlines even before being selected, because it was the first island to seek candidature since the inception of the competition, in 2014. Considered by many a symbol of that very traditional, very mediterranean lifestyle made of hard work on the sea and simplicity, Procida has been defined the epitome of that “slow tourism” that, in the eye of many, should relaunch the sector after the pandemic. The beautiful Tyrrhenian island entered the competition with a dossier entitled La Cultura non Isola, “Culture does not Isolate,” a word game on the Italian word for “island,” isola, and the verb “to isolate,” isolare. According to official communications, Procida was chosen in name of a well structured and well endorsed development project, sustained by a strong network of public and private local support, says the official committee motivation. Moreover, it has an “extraordinary artistic and natural patrimony,” second to none in the region. Perhaps, however, what weighted the most on the jury’s final selection was how Procida, a small fishermen island, with a strong, traditional heritage, has managed to keep these essential aspects of its own identity while embracing modernity, thanks to a thorough diffusion of communication technology and sustainable development, a process that could become an example for other islands and coastal areas of the country. Strong, in the official motivation for the choice, was also the idea that the project presented by Procida carries “a poetical message, a vision of culture that, from this small island, is sent to the whole country as a wish for the future.”

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Why Go To Amalfi Coast?

One look at the Amalfi Coast and you may believe that you've found heaven on earth. That's the kind of spellbinding effect this stretch of Italian coastline tends to have on the 5 million annual visitors who cross its mesmerizing paths. Located in the Campania region of Italy, this UNESCO World Heritage site covers 34 miles of majestic terrain; sky-high costal cliffs display vibrant vegetation and multicolored towns live side by side with the disarming turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, creating a scene that has the power to stop even the most seasoned of travelers dead in their tracks...

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Italy's borders will reopen to tourists in June

After suspending all international travel at the beginning of the lockdown, Italy will start welcoming tourists again on 3 June. There will be no need for an auto certification like the one Italians have been carrying around this past couple of months, and tourists won’t be asked to quarantine upon their arrival in Italy. According to the new bill detailing all Phase 2 steps, the first tourists to be welcomed back will be citizens of the European Union and the Schengen Area, as well as Monaco and Switzerland. People from other non-EU countries will be able to travel to Italy on 15 June if all goes according to plan. And in Italy, museums, bars, restaurants and beach resorts are all working to get up to date with the safety measures and ensure everyone can social distance during their holidays.

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Forget Positano—This Picturesque Town Is the Amalfi Coast’s Best-Kept Secret

Think of the Amalfi Coast and visions come to mind of verdant hillsides brimming with pastel-color buildings reflected in the coruscating Tyrrhenian Sea. But just a few turns off the main drag is a relatively obscure town that might be the best-kept secret on the famed Italian costiera. Tucked in the mountains between Positano and Amalfi, the coast’s namesake, Praiano is an ancient fishing village that was the favorite summer retreat of first-century Roman emperors and the medieval-era doges (dukes) of the maritime Republic of Amalfi. Whitewashed homes with terraced gardens cascade down dramatic stone cliffs; historic sites and natural wonders pepper this hilly expanse of the Sorrentine Peninsula, and small boutiques sell locally made wares, all minus the tourists who throng the streets of Praiano’s better-known neighbors. Fishing and artisanal craftsmanship remain the two main industries in this town of only 2,000 permanent residents, which means visitors can enjoy just-caught seafood at the many alfresco trattorias that dot the mountainsides and stock up on handcrafted majolica ceramics. But the main attraction in Praiano remains what everyone comes to the Amalfi Coast to see: jaw-dropping vistas visible from every nook and alley in the hamlet. (Praiano, after all, is derived from the Greek term for “open sea.”) Here, where to stay, eat, and what to do when going off the beaten path in Praiano.

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3 Perfect Days on the Amalfi Coast

This was a trip highlight of our 1 month stay in Italy. We cannot recommend La Sibilla boat tours enough. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and provided a relaxing tour of the Amalfi coastline. Excursions depart from Positano, Praiano, and Amalfi and the Capri tour stops at the white cave, green cave, natural arch, and blue grotto along the way to Capri. You can view a video of our boat tour here. “ We cannot recommend La Sibilla boat tours enough. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and provided a relaxing tour of the Amalfi coastline.

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