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Capri Tour

Only a tour by boat along its lovely coast can offer a complete view of Capri with all its enchanting small inlets and natural caves. On the route to Capri you can admire the breathtaking coastline of Praiano, Positano, the natural reserve of Punta Campanella and the islands of Li Galli, famous for being the home of the famous Sirens of Ulysses, and in more recent times the famous Russian ballet dancer Rudolph Nurejev. Soft drinks will be served on board. Once we reach the Faraglioni rocks, probably the most scenic place in Capri, we will stop for a relaxing swim in the beautiful waters of the nearby Green Cave and White Cave. The tour of the island will allow you to discover and fully appreciate the coast of Capri; the Natural Arch, Villa Malaparte, Marina Piccola. We will also stop for a visit in the famous Blue Grotto, known throughout the world and visited every year by thousands of tourists. The cave, which is characterized by an incredible blue color of the water, was used as a private swimming pool by the Roman emperors who had their summer residences on the island. (P.N. The visit at the Blue grotto is not always possible due to weather and sea conditions, also in high season the waiting line at the entrance is often too long).  Arrival and disembarkation at the port of Marina Grande approx. 12.00 o'clock and free time for visiting the island until 4 o'clock

Every day - depart. 9am from Praiano return 5.30pm

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Amalfi Coast


The fjord of Furore is the first jewel of our trip with the old fishermen's village, recently restored. From the bridge above a yearly international diving contest takes place. We will then make a stop for a visit at the enchanting Emerald grotto. (entrance extra 6.00 euro). On our way to Amalfi you will see the Cape of Conca with its Saracen tower. An ancient watchtower built in the sixteenth-century by the viceroy of Naples, Pedro de Toledo, to defend the territory against invasions by the Turks.The Marina di Conca became popular in the sixties and seventies when it hosted many celebrities, most notable Gianni Agnelli, Sofia Loren, Princess Margaret of England and Jacqueline Kennedy, who in 1961 when returning from a visit in Ravello, made a stop here for a swim. And it is here, near a natural arch, that we also stop for a swim. We move on to Amalfi and further on to the small town of Atrani, from where we make our return to Marina di Praia.


Every day - Departure from Praiano a t 10.00am return 1.00pm

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Emerald Grotto

Transfer to the Emerald cave through the fjord of Furore. Located in the town of Conca dei Marini, the Emerald cave was discovered by the fisherman Luigi Buonocore in 1932. The sunlight reflects into the opening of the cave making its water glimmer like diamonds. It is about 24 m. high and has many stalactites and stalagmites , which in some parts are joined together to form massive columns.

Every Day - Departure 11:00am and 2:00pm  from Praiano

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Drinks & Towels

On board our boats we provide free drinks and beach towles.


We take care of every last detail, from booking to disembarking, to ensure you can enjoy the moment all day long. It all flows from abiding emphasis on service and luxury, and a natural love of our area.

Private boat

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Enjoy a private boat experience for a half or full day . The tour will be tailored upon your requests a.................

Explore the very best of the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and the beautiful islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida and Li Galli , your personal captain will be at your disposal...........

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